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Pioneers in Advanced Weighing Technology

The Shekel Group is comprised of Shekel Scales Ltd., a pioneer in advanced weighing technology solutions and Shekel Brainweigh Retail Innovation Division, leaders in Autonomous Retail Solutions based on IoT sensors, AI and data analytics.

For over four decades, Shekel Scales has disrupted the retail, healthcare and manufacturing markets with its innovative advanced weighing technology solutions, combining physics, electronics and software, to develop modern digital scale technology, implemented into self-checkout (SCO) systems. Shekel has a strong research force and was one of the first companies to go from mechanical weighing to digital weighing.

The company provides weighing solutions to the highly regulated retail and healthcare markets through several global giants.

Shekel Scales

Since its inception in 1976, Shekel Scales, the core company, has grown steadily to establish its position as a significant pioneering leader in the design and manufacture of electronic scales, advanced weighing systems, and force measurement applications in the retail and medical sectors. Shekel’s outstanding combination of core engineering technology and sophisticated software enables the company to offer creative solutions. Shekel Scales provides thousands of customers all over the globe with innovative healthcare, retail and industrial solutions. 

Shekel Brainweigh

In November 2018, the company launched on the Australian Stock Exchange as Shekel Brainweigh Ltd. (ASX:SBW). The company is now aiming to shake up the retail market by adding artificial intelligence and IoT (the Internet of things) technology to its field-proven products. Shekel Brainweigh is a leading company at the forefront of developing advanced weighing systems for the global retail and healthcare markets. Shekel Brainweigh IP includes unique digital weighing technology innovations together with highly advanced Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms and models. Combined together, Shekel Brainweigh portfolio companies offer disruptive technology and robust products.

Our Rising Star – Shekel Brainweigh Retail Innovation Division

Shekel Brainweigh Retail Innovation Division has developed its game changing Product Aware Technology, which digitally transforms a retail shelf into a source of enlightening retail insights with its ability to identify a product by its weight.  

By seamlessly deploying IoT Load sensors, on-shelf advanced electronics with embedded software and cloud based AI and analytics algorithms, the Retail Innovation Division provides a solution to the global demand for retail stores automation: Frictionless shopping experience applications (such as Grab-and-Go), inventory management, and operations excellence. 

Based on its technology, the Retail Innovation Division provides a scalable line of products: Smart Bay, Innovendi – next generation of Smart Vending Machine / Micro market, and the Capsule – a modular, integrated, cost-effective framework for autonomous micro-market that revolutionizes the way shoppers buy.

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